Washington DC Tour (Arlington National Cemetery)

The Washington DC Tour continued with a revisit of two places I visited on my last visit.

First stop was Arlington National Cemetery. This large cemetery is the site of men and women who were laid to rest while serving our great country in the military. It’s also has three major landmarks for visitors to see.

One was President John F. Kennedy’s Grave with the Arlington House behind it and over looking the view of the Washington DC.

Next was the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, which is a monument dedicated to American service members who lost their lives without their remains identified.

Finally was the Pan AM Flight 103 Memorial, which was dedicated to the victims who lost their lives on December 21, 1988 on a flight from Frankfurt, Germany to Detroit, Michigan.

Then, it was on to the Ronald Reagan Airport, which is named after President Ronald Reagan. This was another thing to see because it’s one of the most important airports in Washington DC, along with Washington Dulles and Baltimore  Thurgood Marshall Airports. These three airports are the ones a lot of people coming in and out of DC use the most, depending on which ones closest to them.

Finally, it was back to the Fashion Center Mall in Pentagon City because there wasn’t anything else for me to do and I’ve seen a lot of the attractions already. Plus, I wanted to get a souvenir from the DC Gift Shop.

Before returning back to Virginia, I bought a small model of Washington DC to give to my Uncle Noel as a thank you gift for letting me visit with him.

With one more day left, this is my last chance to uncover more surprises on my Washington DC Tour.