TreasureFest II

Today, I returned to Treasure Island for another round of TreasureFest. With an earlier arrival than last time, this gave me a better chance to see what people were selling and maybe buy something this time.

The only items that I did end up with was a Sacramento Kings Scot Pollard bobblehead and an ice cream maker. Since there are more flea markets like this, there will be more opportunities for me to buy more stuff if its worth it.

However, I did give me more inspiration on future projects whether it was an antique or something more modern. It’s a chance to see both perspectives at what can be done. 

As I’ve said before, flea markets to me are my kind of art show because anything people sell can be a work of art. In addition, swap meets, craft fairs, and art & wine festivals all share the same principle. No matter which one I go to, there’s always something waiting to be discovered!

Who knows, maybe my masterpieces can make it to one of these places!