Yesterday, I attended Treasurefest in San Francisco’s Treasure Island with my best friend Sam.

Usually I attend this event alone, but this was the first time that I brought someone with me and it was kind of a last-minute plan. The only thing I bought was a white Tim Rattay jersey, who was the San Francisco 49ers quarterback from 2000-2005 after recently buying a red Terrell Owens Jersey during the last event. Both of them were from 1996-2008 and Sam said that they were the best uniforms that the 49ers wore along with the gold pants.

While I didn’t see Linda Cullen last month, I was able to see her this time and gave her some of the new Kevin’s Cards Brochures I created so she can have more information about me and potentially order cards.

Although I do enjoy going to art shows alone, sometimes it’s more fun to go with friends because they’re something for everyone. As I’ve mentioned before, Treasurefest is one of the places where I can sell my cards along with other shows, art and wine festivals, or craft fairs.

You never know which one will work the best!