“Summer Vibes” Sale Day 4

Yesterday’s sale was a lot better! On the previous three days, I had to wait about four hours just to get one person to buy something. That streak ended as one person bought a painting, followed by a calendar sold.

The real highlight was getting front row seats to my very first concert at the Amphitheater. While hanging out at the booth, one of the fair staff members sent me tickets to see a tribute to Fleetwood Mac and that really surprised me! I guess it must have been my lucky day!

Then, I decided to see Michele Plunge again because she has been my good luck charm so far and something positive happens every time. It’s either a superstition or maybe it’s her support to always tell me to never give up! She also mentioned that she was going to stop by my booth and I kept my fingers crossed that she did!

Sure enough, I was able to get another calendar sold and they asked me to sign it for them. I haven’t done that since the Fall Fair in 2021 since I only signed books, but I made an exception in that case.

After the concert, Michele kept her promise and finally came to the booth! Before we closed off, I was finally able to sell my first copy of my new Artist Alley book courtesy of of Selenite Moon! Overall, this was a major improvement because if it wasn’t for Michele, I would’ve given up at this point, but I kept at it and it was all worth it!

As we enter the weekend, let’s hope this streak continues!