Seattle Tour (Pike Pier Market & Other Places)

If one travel destination wasn’t enough, why not go to another?

This concept led me back to Seattle, Washington because my dad had a business trip to attend to and I came along for the ride. While helping him out, it gave me the opportunity to revisit some places I saw last time and to see some new places as well.

First stop was the famous Pike Pier Market. This large open air-market has tons of fresh produce, meats, baked goods, and other delectable bites.

However, this market is known for the freshest seafood that’s caught locally everyday from fish, crab, and lobster. What I enjoyed best about it was being able to catch a fish from the men who threw it to you.

Another spot at the market was the Gum Wall, where a section of the wall is covered with chewing gum that people left behind, although it sounds kind of disgusting!

I also went to the original location of the first Starbucks that opened in 1971 because Seattle is best known for its coffee. Along those lines, I also visited the Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room. This is where people can get a chance to see the freshest coffee beans get roasted and they can also have a sample of it.

Other stops included the King Street Amtrak Station, Seattle’s Chinatown, and the Pioneer Square.

Overall, this tour got off to a great start because I was able to cover more ground than last time. However, this is only the beginning and there will more surprises to be discovered as this tour continues on!