Poster Project Developments

Over the past three weeks, I’ve been using the Adobe apps on the computer to create some posters while learning how to use the tools on Illustrator and Photoshop at the same time.

A majority of the projects have been created on inDesign because I find it easier to download images and fit them to size. Here a list of the ones I’ve created so far:

-A House Divided (NFL)

-TV Nostalgia (PBS/Nickelodeon Game Shows)

-Custom Made Sports Posters

-Transportation (Freeway/BART)

As the weeks go on, I plan to create more of these posters while developing the skills. For those who are wondering why I am creating these posters, the sports posters are for my interests in sports and it’s fun seeing rivals face off against each other.

As for the rest, they brought back childhood memories and I’d like to relive some of those good times so other people could remember how great a lot of these treasures were.

Most of the titles remain the same, but there are a few new updates:

-Freeway Series (Freeway Interchange Signs)

-Transit Series (BART, MUNI, Caltrain, etc.)

-Video Game Nostalgia

-Pop Culture

I hope to complete these projects so I can upload them on the website and maybe display them during the Alameda County Fair this summer, along with my paintings and greeting cards! All it takes to complete is lots of research, inspiration, and creativity!