Lafayette Art & Wine Festival

Today, I returned to the Lafayette Art & Wine Festival after attending it last year.

Originally, I planned to go to another one in Santa Clara yesterday for a double round of shows, which was going on that same weekend. However, due to the football game at CAL, I ended up going to this one since this one was the most familiar to me.

As always, I was on a mission to discover new artists and find more inspiration for upcoming projects. One of the things I learned is that you can create art just about anywhere.

For example, an artist named Mark Bidstrup takes his easel and travels to a spot in nature to create a masterpiece based on where he’s at. Most of his creations were landscapes similar to ones I’ve done, except he used oil paints like Bob Ross, while I use acrylic paints to create mine.

Another thing I discovered was that an artist named Elisabeth Mahnken created jewelry with images from sports, pop culture, and other various items, similar to Linda Cullen’s bottle caps. Other than that, it was most of the stuff I saw in past shows.

As I’ve visited all these shows, I’ve discovered that everyone’s art is really creative whether it’s sculpture, painting, photography, jewelry, or drawing. Even if people have no talent in art, they can create something whatever comes to mind! All it takes is inspiration, creativity, and imagination!

As with my art work, any of the shows I’ve been to can make an appearance! All I have to do is to find the right one! Who knows what I’ll discover next and where I might find inspiration for the next project!