Kevin’s Cards “Road to Summer” Sale Final Day/Recap

The final day sale was the strongest of them all!

Prior to the start of the sale, the prices were reduced so more people could stop by. Right before we opened, my volunteers bought one of my paintings. While it was a little slow due to the hot weather, a member of the Alameda County Fair bought the logo painting. 

Then, family members came and bought some more cards. One of my  goals was to get social media coordinator Megan Kreider to stop by and get a copy of my book From Painting to Card. Since she was so busy doing posts around the fair, I thought for sure she wasn’t going to come at all. Luckily, she kept her promise and came to my booth. 

Although she bought a painting of the Concert Amphitheater, I decided to give her a copy of the book because she was one of the people who inspired me.

During my break, I went to get a drink of water at the Guest Services Trailer and I saw a couple of ladies walking by. So I followed them to see who it was. At first, I thought it was someone else, but when I turned around, I realized it was my former coordinator Melanie Johnston! This really made my day and I didn’t think I was going to see her at all. I made sure she would come see my booth because I wanted to show her the videos I posted on Instagram. 

When I went back to the Guest Services Trailer, I talked to fair coordinator Michele Plunge, who bought some stuff with her family, and I told her about I was involved with Artist Alley. She was so impressed, she gave me inspiring words to have my story posted in some kind of news article of the fair. This really inspired me so much, I had to give her a copy of my book! 

While I was sitting at my booth, I was hoping Melanie was going to come. After waiting for a while, I realized that she was already proud of me and how far I’ve come! So, it was okay that Melanie wouldn’t be able to make it! 

As for the sales, they started to sky rocket! One of the customers was so impressed with my work, she was like my biggest fan and asked how she could paint as well. I told her to find a subject she was interested in, watch tutorial videos, buy art supplies, and just have fun! Of course, she bought some cards and I had to give her a copy of my book.

Just when things were getting better, Melanie Johnston finally came and that made me really happy! I showed her the two tribute videos and she almost had tears of joy! Also, Erika O’Bryan came and my two coordinators were able to meet each other for the first time! This was definitely another goal I accomplished and I am so glad they inspired me to be the person I am today!

In the end, I made a grand total of $563.75! Overall, the “Road to Summer” Sale was one of the best and most inspiring sales I’ve ever done! I am so glad that Erika inspired me to branch out and do paintings of the Alameda County Fair. If I had the same ones from my previous shows, it would probably be boring. Also, the videos I posted seemed to draw some attention. Most importantly, wearing the Alameda County Fair shirt and hat made me feel like I was part of it! 

I hope someday I do live painting demos in one of the buildings during the fair so I can showcase my talents and inspire other people! Plus, I hope to work in the office to help people and make their dreams come true!

Special thanks to everyone who came and bought stuff from me! Most importantly, thank you to all the fair employees for making my dreams come true and making me the person who I am today! You are all my heroes!

Looking forward to next year and future shows!