Kevin’s Cards “Road to Summer” Sale Day 3

Yesterday’s sale was another surprise!

Right when we opened, I posted another Instagram video doing an FAQ about Kevin’s Cards hoping to get more people to stop by. Sure enough, it worked.

But I thought that wasn’t enough, so I decided to do a book review of my book From Painting to Card as if it was Reading Rainbow. That didn’t do anything.

So, then I decided to do yet a third one about the other two books I made in 2019 from Photobook America. One about highlighting my best paintings and Artist Alley from 2018 & 2019. Again, nothing happened!

I thought for sure this was going to be one of those “dead” days where I only got one customer and that was it! However, one kid came to my booth and said that I was famous! He maybe right because anything was possible.

During my break, the exact same thing happened for the third consecutive day. I got a phone call from my volunteer stating that someone was buying cards. When I arrived, he bought a record of 20 cards! That was definitely hitting the jackpot and ending the “dead” period!

I also went to the Dueling Pianos to invite the piano players to see my booth and to my surprise, they promoted my booth! I was hoping that was going to work. Sure enough, I got plenty of people to stop by and someone else bought a copy of my book! 

I also got a member of the Alameda County Fair to buy 11 county fair cards and he mentioned that they didn’t have any like that, so they were really honored! Then, a kid loved my art work and his family bought some cards as well. 

Before we closed for the night, one of my the vendors near mine bought the painting of the swings and displayed in her booth! Overall, this went from dead to blowing the roof off and I made $230 in just three days!

With two days left, I hope to get even more people to stop by and get bigger sales with a bunch of surprises!