Kevin’s Cards 5th Year Anniversary Sale (Day 8/Halloween Sale)

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday’s sale was another success!

Right before we opened, I managed to sell some paintings and more calendars. Then, the sales increased as people continued to buy stuff with some slow hours in between.

The real highlight was reuniting with former Artist Alley Coordinator Melanie Johnston! While I was sitting at my booth, I saw a lady walking by thinking it was someone else. Soon I realized it was her and I was shocked!

This was the first time I saw her since my last show at Artist Alley in 2019 and I didn’t think she was going to come at all if I didn’t have that photo of her and Veronica. I’m so glad she got a copy of my book because it mentions her and I wouldn’t be at the Alameda County Fair if it weren’t for her!

The other highlight was Event Coordinator Terri Thut stopping by and buying a calendar and greeting cards right before we closed for the night! Within the last several days, we made a grand total of $687, which already broke the record of Artist Alley in 2019!

With one more day left, this is your last chance to buy something! Also, in honor of today, I’ll be handing out candy for the kids during trick-or-treat! Don’t miss out on this!

Those who are going out trick-or-treating in your own neighborhood, be safe out there and hope you get lots of candy!