2018 PIA Card Sale

Today, I had my second card sale of the year at the 2018 Philippine International Aid (PIA).

When I did it last year, it was the debut of my new logo and business card so people could contact me to order new cards. In addition, I also displayed paintings from the past both through a slideshow and having the actual one.

The problem with that was the limited space that we had since I was sharing the space with someone else.

As with that sale, it was a little slow because a lot of people bought stuff from other booths and none of the paintings were sold. However, the business cards were a huge success. Plus, the set-up and clean-up took a lot of time. 

This year, I only sold cards which was a better idea because it didn’t take up a lot of space and the set-up and clean-up took virtually no time at all.

However, there was a rumor that I wasn’t going to sell anything at all because a lot of people would simply walk by my booth since it was shared with another person.

At first, it started out slow; then to my surprise, I started to get some sales and in the end, I made about $40. So at least it was better than selling nothing at all!

While I was selling my cards, some people having been giving me suggestions to use my paintings in new ways, such as T-Shirts, fridge magnets, or other things along those lines.

I have been finding new ways myself and the only projects I’ve done so far were posters and calendars, and I plan to create more.

If I were to do PIA again, maybe I’ll try to get my own table so I can have more room to display my stuff without having to share a table with someone else.

To those who attended and bought cards, thank you very much and I hope you enjoy my art!