2017 World Series Champions

Congratulations to the Houston Astros for winning the 2017 World Series! It was an insane back and forth 7 game battle between them and the Los Angeles Dodgers to win the pennant. In the end, the Astros won it all by a final score of 5-1.

With baseball season over with and all the 2017 champions complete, it’s now a long journey to find out who will win the College Football Playoffs, Super Bowl LII, the 2018 March Madness Tournament, the 2018 NBA Championship, and the 2018 Stanley Cup. Before we know it, there will be another World Series champion in 2018. Who knows if it’ll be the Astros again,  or maybe someone else!

As mentioned in my interest in sports, my future projects will have some sports theme involved no matter if it’s my favorite team or someone else’s.

No matter what sport people watch on TV, or if their favorite team has a bad year, or even if some are overrated, one thing’s for sure is that every team is a winner!